Being Brave

Three simple choices in 2016

Florida sunrise reflection over golf course pond
On a run this past week to visit with a potential client staying at Disney World.


Working diligently, creatively, tirelessly, and joyfully is the only approach that makes the effort to stand out seem worthwhile.


Because standing out is virtually impossible.

Here’s to 2016 being the year you break away from the status quo.

Quick review of our three choices:

  1. Keep up with our competition
  2. Be the best in our category
  3. Become the category





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Emotion Trumps Everything

The painful paradox of profit

Disney Customer Service Speaker
Never did mention i’m an author during last weeks leadership keynote speech.


Began the rough draft yesterday to describe concisely what hiring me as a business advisor would look like.

Have a client who wants transformation and world class consistency and operational excellence.

Same client also wants this as cheaply as possible.

She’s been taught to ruthlessly control costs.

Profit is the goal for her, not the reward.

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Being Brave

Being strategic and getting crap done

Two bags of cash
A creative way to demonstrate performance contrasts?


Our career goals strengthen when we finally learn that being strategic and getting crap done is synonymous.

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Note: The bags contain cash. More to follow.

Could This Change Your Life?

If You Could Only Pick One

Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree

Hey there, this is today’s second jungle jeff post. Leaving a comment is easy, and you don’t need to log-in to do it.

If you could choose only one, which would it be? #1 Be excellent at what you do, or, #2 Be the only one at what you do?

jungle jeff Rant


Are you satisfied?

When you wake up every day, what are some of the first things you do or think about?  Did you start thinking about today last night?

The workday begins the night before.

So last night, in thinking about yesterday’s post and the reference to the Fast Company article, I’m good with it ending the way it did.

Do you start blaming others and thinking about all the things “they” need to do? Or do you look in the mirror and analyze what you need to fix?

This will determine, in large part, your success or failure.

What was interesting was that just yesterday, these jeff noel blogs set a single day record for daily visits. It’s taken years to get “here”.

And I got here by doing stuff, not by anything else.

Be more:

  • Creative than you ever have
  • Focused than you ever have
  • Willing to fix yourself than you ever have
  • Determined than you ever have

And find your purpose.  That’s the key.  You know it and I know it. We all read about it, and listen to others talk about it.

Talk is cheap. And so is lying to ourselves.