As success becomes imminent, a new fear is born

Yesterday, the 14-year old in the blue and white checked shirt demonstrated remarkable calm under pressure.


As success becomes imminent, a new fear is born. The fear of looking arrogant. A confident entrepreneurial startup founder must exude confidence.


That’s pretty intense. And to some, intimidating. It reminds people of their decaying dreams.

It’s time to follow the fatherly advice i have consistently shared with our 14-year old.

Why focus on the ones who will say jealous things? And we all know how those behind-someone’s-back conversations go, because we’ve all been jealous, so it’s no secret.

It’s the difficult path that others laugh at.

Not because it’s difficult, but because it’s lonely.

And scary.

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Disney, Branding, Disney?

Disney, Branding, Disney?

Personal branding is something we are all aware of, right?  Just like personal wellness is something we are all aware of.  Are you with me?

OK, so we know these things, but the people who actually get great results, versus good results, are those that work the hardest.

Seriously, it’s what we all know to be true, but hate to admit.

Why, because hard work is, well, hard.

Here’s a case in point from my early morning drive to work this past Friday.

Like Tiger told me a year ago, “Out work ’em”!

Words to live by, but only if you want to get great results.

If great results are not part of your responsibilities, then I would just enjoy this post for what it is.

A personal opinion expressed by someone brought up in a culture where getting great results is a personal brand.

Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂