It Would Seem Like A Common Sense Decision To Go, To Make Mistakes, To Make Progress

The beautiful and wonderful thing about humans is that each of us is made so uniquely special. Deep down, every Baby Boomer knows this. As we get older, wiser, and more anxious about death (if we’re smart), we can leverage this moment in our lives – to do something great. Next Blog

One Simple Tip to Avoid Waiting

Want a tip to help you resist the urge to wait? In a moment, I’ll share what happened last month, what I did about it, and how it impacted my leadership philosophy. But it’s a double edge sword isn’t it?  If consistency is the hallmark of quality, and continuous improvement is the key to becoming […]


Think.  Think Tank.  Think it over. Think before you act. Think things through.  What will people think?  I can’t think. What would your parents think?  No time to think. Think before you speak.  Think you know it all, don’t you? Make yourself think I challenge you to think Do you demand yourself to think? Do […]

Do you love what you do?

Do you love what you do? Ever heard, “Do what you love and you’ll never have to work another day in your life?” I hope you love what you do.  Where I work, we strive to hire people for positions they will most likely enjoy and are naturally suited for. It’s called “right-fit talent”. My […]