Personal leadership involves doing things that are invisible to most

Salvation Army pickup truck
Snapped this photo from our riding lawn mower yesterday morning.


Salvation Army pickup truck
Donated our dining room table and six chairs.


Personal leadership involves doing things that are invisible to most. In the corporate world, donating money, volunteering time, hosting fundraisers, and a list of other common ways to give back, are all marketed very carefully to the public.


Because it’s a great public relations strategy.

To do it invisibly would be considered a missed opportunity.

Oh well.

Note: The readership here, in the big picture, is so small, it’s the equivalent to it never happening.




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No more simply asking for money

Disney's Contemporary Resort  Porte Cochere on a slow day
The simple concept of reciprocity seems fair


Would a decent paradigm shift be that in exchange for a ‘donation’ something tangible would be given to the donor?

No more simply asking for money.

Rather an exchange – we help them, they help us.

This is the model Mid Life Celebration is moving forward with.

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Work For Money?

jungle jeff, Daily reflections on Excellence, has an overarching theme.  Money.

As I teach our son about life’s four big quadrants, jungle jeff’s blog is focused on only one.  Money.

Money is not the root of all evil. It is the love of money that is the root.

Whatever you believe, I’m teaching our son that every human should contribute to society in some way.  In return, society pays you with money, generally speaking.

With money, you can buy food, shelter, insurance, transportation, and even use money to help others.

And one more thing I’m trying to teach him, “He is rich who owes nothing.” — Hungarian Proverb