Anyone Else Think Like This?

It’s A High Compliment

Can You Spot The Crazy One?
Can You Spot The Crazy One?

How would you like to be called crazy?

Most people would run from it…

Like, “Man, that dude is crazy”.

Or, “Sheez, she’s a nut case”.

I’d take it. In a heartbeat.

In some circles, it’s a high compliment.

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What About Here?
What About Here?

Reason Why People Wait

Note:  I’m talking to the person in the mirror.  Please don’t take this personally.

The reason you wait is because you are afraid.  You are afraid because you are unsure of yourself.  You are unsure of yourself because:

  • You don’t have enough experience
  • You have been burned before
  • Your weaknesses may be exposed
  • You fear rejection
  • You fear failure
  • You may even fear success

Like I said, please don’t take this personally, I’m only talking to the person in the mirror.  Ya with me?

    Glee Twitter Imagine

    Last night, sort of by chance, I watched ten minutes of ABC’s new show, Glee.  Those ten minutes changed my mind about something.

    And also yesterday, while changing a security question, one choice was,  “What’s the name of your favorite song?” Led Zeppelin immediately came to mind.

    The rendition on Glee last night, and the inspiring lyrics to John Lennon’s “Imagine”, made me rethink the whole favorite song thing.

    Yes, definitely, “Imagine”.

    “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”