Heading north in a few days

Sand Hill crane
Exquisite architecture. Nature. In our front yard.

Heading north in a few days to spend a planned weekend at our Son’s college.

His college acceptance letter arrived mid-December and we’ve had four previous visits, including an overnight dorm room stay.

The five other smart and ambitious young men have not yet been accepted.

This is a stress for them that is challenging to comprehend.

While we are attending a Spring Campus weekend traditon, the others are missing this type of opportunity.

Being organized and committed can trump a highly-prized personal attribute like intellect.

Traditional metrics have merit.

So do non-traditional metrics.

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When habits are changed, new life is born

iPhone 6 in box addressed to jeff noel


(photo: Being an early adopter was never a habit… that’s changed in the past five years)

When habits are changed, new life is born.

A big part of being the first to embrace the newest technology is having a technology provider that’s admirable.

Apple is so admirable, they’ve been the “The Most Admired Company in the World” seven consecutive years.

What’s not to trust.


It’s 2015 (or the first day of Fall)… live like you mean it.

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