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Good list from Disney Institute. i am moving away from this offering. Why? Too emotionally draining, even though the financial reward is awesome.






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That sure was a long, long time to wait to earn your first dollar

Small work table at USPS office
There is no Ivory Tower for the startup entrepreneur.


It took four years, eleven months to earn the first dollar.

And in the sixth year, the goal is to go from barely earning anything to recording a profit.

Lofty with low probability because of the track record.

Yet… the law of the harvest prevails – we will reap what we sow.

The notion of 90% plan, prepare, build, 10% execute.

But once the doors open for real business (and now they officially are), the percentages begin to change.

Don’t expect the weather to cooperate with your harvest schedule.

Yet do expect to harvest.


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Indomitable Will
Indomitable Will

Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Here is the life-changing take-away:

When you work for someone else, you:

  1. Earn
  2. Pay Taxes
  3. Spend

When you work for yourself, you:

  1. Earn
  2. Spend
  3. Pay Taxes

I ain’t the brightest bulb in the box, but I get this. It took a lifetime, and a great book, but I get it now.

Of course, not knowing this most basic of economic structure is very embarrassing.

My Dad had two side businesses.  My Grandfather had one too. My wife’s Grammy ran a one-room grocery store for 45 years.

What did they teach me?


How is that possible?

There is no good or decent answer, except to say, “That’s just the way it was back then.”

What a shame. But it is what it is.  No bitterness.  Lost opportunity to be sure.  But no bitterness.

Now, only hope, determination and of course, indomitable will.  Like the early pioneers.