Emotion Trumps Everything

Is this my last Christmas?

Great moments are born from great opportunity.


Is this my last Christmas?

Who knows.

Do you know yours?

Christmas means nothing without Easter.

God-willing, i will see one more Easter.


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The Chronicles of Nuwanda

Admirable is the only choice

Wells Fargo quote about customer courtesy
True 150 years ago, true today. Passion for serving.


Tomorrow is Easter.

Listening to Jeremy Camp’s Reckless CD.

Use us Lord.

There is no greater leadership than servant leadership.

We know this.

And some are lucky enough to be crystal clear about their passion.

Being on fire with the commitment to live a life so admirable that if someone said something bad about them, no one would believe it.

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it's overrated

Leading By Example Is Overrated

Food for Families 2009
Food for Families 2009

Wait.  That’s not right.  There are many things overrated. Leading by example is NOT one of them.

The story of Easter is an amazing one, whether you are a Christian or not.  There is no history book anywhere that disputes Jesus was executed.

As humans, we have daily opportunities to lead by example. Knowing how significant this is, my wife and I began volunteering at Food For Families in 1999.

It was a tradition we wanted to establish before we started a Family of our own.

Every Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas morning, since 1999, we have been waking up early and serving others, before we celebrate these traditionally festive American holidays.

Today is no different.

Our son didn’t start getting out of our car until he was three.  Didn’t start carrying boxes until he was six.

Now, at nine, he carries boxes and interacts with the needy Families we encounter on these special mornings.

The most important part about leading by example?

Value-driven behaviors (not intentions).

Done consistently.