Your Hard Work Goes Unnoticed?

Your Dream To Lead Is Closer Than You Think
Your Dream To Lead Is Closer Than You Think

It’s epidemic. Many people are working harder than ever before.


You’re working incredibly hard. In fact, personally, I’ve never worked harder than I have this past year. Can you relate?

But your tribe notices. And I’m assuming you have a tribe. Most people don’t even know what this means. But you do.

Thanks for noticing. Carpe diem!

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Buzz Metrics?

Is This Buzz-Worthy?
Is This Buzz-Worthy?

Heard this phrase last week for the first time.

Apparently, it’s a common term.


It’s mostly self explanatory.

Are you creating a buzz?

What is buzz-worthy is today’s economic environment?

And finally, is it worth the effort, because the reality is, everybody wants to be buzz-worthy?

Oh, did I mention that Saturday marked my 2,000th blog post?

Do great work and Carpe diem!

New Bonus Feature PAGE @ jungle jeff

New bonus feature PAGE at jungle jeff.

July 15, 2009 – added to jungle jeff

Click here – WDW Public Relations – to see and read the cool things Disney does.

Not interested?  Wait.  Here are some of the meaningful categories you get to explore:

Cast Members – Community – Conservation – Government – Media – Minority Business

When you think about your future, does it inspire you, or tire you?  Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂