Your Hard Work Goes Unnoticed?

Your Dream To Lead Is Closer Than You Think
Your Dream To Lead Is Closer Than You Think

It’s epidemic. Many people are working harder than ever before.


You’re working incredibly hard. In fact, personally, I’ve never worked harder than I have this past year. Can you relate?

But your tribe notices. And I’m assuming you have a tribe. Most people don’t even know what this means. But you do.

Thanks for noticing. Carpe diem!

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You Like To Fail, Don’t You?

Failure Is Not An Option
Failure Is Not An Option

Tony Morgan.  Never heard of him until a few months ago.  A LinkedIn network update led me to a top ten article.

To read the top ten reasons why you and I will most likely fail at anything, click here.

Tony Morgan’s list isn’t anything new.  Heck, there’s hardly anything that’s ever really new. However, one of the great, underrated keys to success is repetition.

Let me say that again, repetition. Ya with me?