If formulaic approaches work, why isn’t everyone successful?

If formulaic approaches work, why isn’t everyone successful? There’s a decent chance by the time this goes live on January 21, 2019, i will have launched my Podcast, If Disney Ran Your Life. Along with the Podcast will be the highly suggested option to join an email distribution list. i have avoided this formulaic process like the […]

If you are not in a position to do the same, you’re stuck

  The following message is a copy and paste of an email exchange yesterday with someone seeking my time and advice. The famous Company is asking for a very detailed six-month proposal to elevate their company to world-class status without peer. Here’s the email i wrote… Ok, couple things…and all of this is my personal […]

Mastering email

    Challenged him late last night to spend today and tomorrow getting some personal organizational structure in place, particularly with email. Without digital email folders, email becomes much more difficult to master. My goal with email has evolved over 20 years and last year took a dramatic leap forward. i do not go to […]