The Other Endowment

Too Successful?
Too Successful?

It’s called courage.  Our creator also bestowed us with courage, so we could stand and fight, to defend ourselves – from a Saber-Toothed Tiger, or a brutal economy.

Yet the challenge most of us face, is the challenge of stealth proportions. The one we can not see, hear, touch or taste.


The fear of success.


You know what’s crazy, once we start to see, hear, touch and taste it, we wonder why we waited so long.

Two Reasons We Don’t Try Harder

They Both Lead To Fear
They Both Lead To Fear

Look, all of us dream big dreams.  This is an endowment from our creator.

And when we were kids, we had no inhibitions about pretending and fantasizing. I mean, we were 100% okay walking around with chocolate smeared on our faces, and we couldn’t give a hoot if our clothes didn’t match.

Heck, we’d even walk around in public, naked. Or wear a smelly diaper. We didn’t care. Not for a nano-second.

But look at us now. Fear paralyzes us. And it all comes down to two simple reasons:

  1. Fear of Failure
  2. Fear of Success

It’s this fear of success that is the stealth robber of our childhood dreams.

We all have within us another endowment. One which needs our attention, before it’s too late.