Enthusiasm is unfortunate

Merino wool is cleaned using fresh air. Anywhere from 14-30 days between soap and water washings. Travel hack for traveling light. Are you still enthusiastic about finding remarkably better ways to live?

Enthusiasm is unfortunate.


Enthusiasm, unfortunately, has no autopilot.

It does, however, have a fly wheel.

Like hitting the lottery, kinda.

  1. How engaged are your employees?
  2. How appreciated do they feel?
  3. How aligned are employees with your purpose?
  4. How satisfied are employees with your pursuit of your purpose?

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i am not the only expert in the room

Creative facilitation techniques
One of many classroom activities that reduces the “speaker-to-listener” ratio.


i am not the only expert in the room.

But i am the only Disney expert in the room.

Have you had the good fortune to be at a conference where there’s an astonishing ripple-effect buzz from one of the presentations?

What allows that to happen?

My job is to keep the audience – no matter the size or demographic – so engaged, they never have a chance to be bored, distracted, or disengaged.

My job is to have everyone walking out of the room .thinking . differently than they did when they entered.

May i be so bold as to say that expertise goes beyond content? Expertise in this arena is rare – the expertise to involve all the other experts in the room.




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What is the point of a speech?

Orlandos top executive consultants


(photo: Was an audience member yesterday. The speech was for rural cellular service providers.)

What is the point of a speech?

Do we teach best that which we need the most to learn? Is it true we learn twice when we teach?

These two notions are the reason some speakers reach levels they never dreamed of?

The point of a speech is to engage the audience at a level, and in a manner, which a piece of paper or a web link can’t. Otherwise, we could simply read the notes.

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