The email came in while driving from Spring Grove to Allentown

Spring Grove, PA fire department
Small town entertainment: bingo and meatloaf in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania.


The gift of an ordinary day is a leader’s greatest asset.


And then spending that magnificent asset in a balanced, powerful, and fun way.

Yesterday while in Allentown, Pennsylvania, i was able to respond to a Speakers Bureau executive with answers to important questions for him and his client.

Yes, we are on vacation. Yes, we had just arrived for a few days to stay and visit.

In the explanation to my Mother-In-Law, my wife asked me to share with her how my business model works.

Surreal to hear it come out of my mouth.

Additionally, earlier yesterday morning, we gifted a 77-year old with a MacBook Air. A hand-me-down, but new to her. It compliments her iPhone 6. With iCloud, her world become more exciting, confident, and safe.

Leadership happens all day, everyday.

And there are no boundaries for doing work that matters.




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i wanted to change the world

Google art on elementary school white board
Years ago in our son’s elementary school classroom. Artist unknown.


i wanted to change the world.

Most American professionals have similar feelings.

Many Americans dream of their own entrepreneurial business.

So in 2014 i retired, to begin in earnest, as an entrepreneur.

It was something i wanted to do ‘someday’ (photo above).

This train of thought continues with “i always feel behind” at the next Blog

Entrepreneurial Spirit Will Become A Do Or Die Proposition

Writing has always been on the wall. Change is the only survivor.

In the future, how many companies are going to provide all the health care, sick leave, maternity leave, worker’s comp, and other coverages every employee needs?

Insight: The writing is on the wall. The industrial age has crumbled. The health care crisis and obesity crisis is going to become the next major terrorist war we face against ourselves.

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Two Days Ago

What Are the Odds?
What Are the Odds?

Two days ago you saw the post about someone I know who got a separation package.

He saw it coming and started a business in advance of the separation.


What I didn’t mention then, but must now, his chances for survival after five years are as good as all the others starting a business.

Entrepreneurial people have to work very, very hard.  Why?  Because if they fail…

But if they succeed, they have amazing opportunities.

But no one ever talks openly about the odds.  You know why?

You do know the odds right?