My email reply yesterday morning

  Great, authentic post Betsy. The past few years i felt something but couldn’t put my finger on it. Your website is stunning and professional. And you offer a number of complimentary assets. Social media, and all the recommended pieces (email subscription, blog, giveaways, videos, webinars, etc)…when everyone is focused on the same recipe, it […]

An entrepreneur’s three biggest competitors

  An entrepreneur’s three biggest competitors: Curators Copycats Wannabes Curators don’t have their own platform, but they are good at telling us what others have done. The downside is they have no context for the full story – they were never on the inside, never on the front line, never behind the scenes, never privy to […]

They both have taken a path similar to Walt Disney

      We’ve been talking for the past few years about getting together for lunch. Seriously. Years. It happened yesterday. Jake, a 19-year Disney veteran, left Disney right after 9/11 because he had a dream that couldn’t be realized in a corporate setting. His ideas were stifled. September 11th made it even worse. He […]

There’s a reason some of us want to become solo entrepreneurs

  There’s a reason some of us want to become solo entrepreneurs. And it revolves around a couple simple precepts: You have final say. You do not need permission. You rid yourself of the time consuming challenges when people don’t agree. You can create something that everyone thinks is crazy, launch it, and then live […]