Pick one of the three work ethics you think will serve you best

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Worked from 5am-8pm yesterday. My glamorous dinner for “getting to travel” for work.


We either have an excellent work ethic all the time, a negative work ethic all the time, or a mixture.

Which one of the three would you opt for if you had the choice?


What’s your choice?

Are you convinced that is the career path you think will serve you best?

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Is Your Moral Compass Calibrated?

Or Do You Go Wherever The Wind Blows?
Is Your Moral Compass Calibrated? Or Do You Go Wherever The Wind Blows?

My college friend Skip Gaskill returns (lucky us). Leadership is a 24/7 commitment. Or not. Skip helps us understand the HUGE difference between part-time and full-time commitment.

Never forget, someone is always watching.

Take it away Skip:

As I drive to work in the morning I usually listen to either the news or sports talk radio.  One of the popular Sports Talk programs I listen to is called the Sports Junkies…a group of five locals who are in their late 20’s/early 30’s who talk about the local professional teams.  They spend roughly 75% of the time talking about sports but the other 25% of the time they talk about anything and everything.  I enjoy their banter about sports but when they enter the other 25% I change the station.

Why?  In the course of their discussions they clearly articulate, to their own amusement as well as their audience’s, how they lack integrity, courage, commitment, self discipline, and a calibrated moral compass.

All of these men are married with children.  What message are they sending?  Are we endorsing this kind of behavior by listening?

I recently saw some commercials on television that were subtle recommendations to do the right thing.  It can be as simple as giving up your seat on a bus to an elder or not cheating on a test.  I wish there were more of them.

We all need to do a better job.  Go out of your way to do the right thing…even when no one is looking….because someone is always looking.  Happy Holidays.

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