Please welcome Disney’s time-tested business wisdom to your community

Disney Institute Speakers
The fee for this one-day training opportunity this Fall in Syracuse is $299-$329, depending if you are a member or not.


Here’s what you get.

i  offer the same thing for you and your business community.

While at Disney Institute from 1999-2014, i traveled to 200 cities in the US, Canada, and Mexico to deliver this exact event.

It is a day everyone will talk about for a long time.

And of the five topics (Leadership Excellence, Employee Engagement, Quality Service, Brand Loyalty, Creativity & Innovation), i delivered Quality Service twice as much as the second closest (Leadership) topic.


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Business trifecta at Authority Rainmaker

Ellie Caulkins Opera House, Denver
Ellie Caulkins Opera House, Denver, yesterday.


Business trifecta at Authority Rainmaker.

  1. Amazing speakers.
  2. Amazing event/venue.
  3. Amazing attendees.

It was the last one that was an aha moment though.

The crowd.

The other busy, ambitious people.

Those people.

They were beyond amazing.

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