Absolutely, either way

The world's top Disney experts
Moments before getting to chat with the Mayor of Main Street USA, 2014


Does Steve Jobs’ legacy inspire you?

Does Walt Disney’s life inspire you?

Ok, not a trick question…

Does your life inspire you?

There can be only one answer and “no” is not it.


Absolutely, if you believe it to be.

Not impossible?

Absolutely, if you believe it to be.

Want inspiring?

One-hundred days ago, i wrote and published this post – it was the same day i wrote this one.

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jungle jeff Leadership 101 Tip

jungle jeff Leadership 101 Tip:

“Leadership  – Inspiring others by the courage of your own example”.

This is the essence of what I personally believe is the ultimate leadership definition.

Perhaps the best way to fully understand its meaning is to re-read it, think deeply about it, and ultimately, evaluate our own “daily examples”.  This would lead us to a “personal leadership score”.

We would base our “score” on our daily leadership example.  And our basis should be brutally honest.

It seems, to me, that on days where I don’t need much courage, I’m probably not a very good example.  Hope today is a courage-filled day for all of us.