How Often Do You Say, I Didn’t Think My Alarm Was Ever Gonna Go Off?

No, not a rooster, an American Bald Eagle. Big difference.

If yesterday was the last day I worked at becoming a better professional speaker, then yesterday would be the best I’ll ever be as a speaker.

Good news, I didn’t think my alarm clock was ever gonna go off yesterday morning (and this morning too). Is that weird?

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How Often Do You Say, Can’t Wait To Tell Them?

Innovation in leadership, or anything else, only comes from continuous pursuit.

So one of the mini-epiphanies from the leadership class wasn’t even anything that was said or experienced. It resulted from my mind wondering to the program I’m teaching this morning. If you stop learning about leadership today, today you’re the best leader you will ever be for the rest of your career.

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Motivation Is Like A Meal

Motivation is like a meal.  Seriously.  But we all forget.

Should an Annual Conference’s motivational effects last all year?

Should monthly meetings keep teams inspired all month?

Weekly meetings?  Will the excitement last all week?

Daily meetings?  All day?

After breakfast, most humans are ready to be nourished again at lunch. Even after two decent meals, most are ready for a third meal in the evening.

We even throw in snacks to help sustain us. Why?

Because motivation, inspiration and excitement begin to subside within hours, just like meals.

Do you have any idea what this means to you and me as effective leaders?