No really

i never let that happen, except yesterday

Disney Keynote speaker
Awaiting an intimate group of the seven top company executives. Take note of the five blank posters on the far wall.


Disney management Consultant
Revealed these posters one by one after the content was revealed during the slide presentation.


i resisted doing it, and told the CEO why. But i did it anyway as a favor to the CIO who recommended me – he is also a former client from Disney Institute.

i was justified in not wanting to do a “sales presentation”.

At best i give myself a C (average).

My goal is never anything less than an A+.

Five core topics with a total of 19 strategies, plus two 10-15 minute activities was impossible in 60 minutes, my allowed time.

i went over by 10 minutes and used a verbal Uzi to spray as much content as possible – for their benefit.

i opened and closed with activity, there was none for the 40-minute middle chuck.

i never let that happen.

Except yesterday.




On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to be a 100-day self-imposed “writer’s bootcamp”, in preparation for writing his first book. He hasn’t missed a single day since.

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Emotion Trumps Everything

Changed? Really?

Hilton by Disney Springs
Yesterday on the way to a client meeting.


Hilton by Disney Springs
Accidental photo – but it does capture the walk.


Hilton by Disney Springs
After the meeting walking back to car.


Hilton by Disney Springs
A photo can capture a lot of information.


Hilton by Disney Springs
The day prior, i taught a room of Healthcare professionals how to draw Mickey Mouse’s head.


Hilton by Disney Springs
Which managers?


Hilton by Disney Springs
A typical Lake Buena Vista Hilton meeting room. i’ve delivered keynote speeches here many times.


Changed? Really?

That’s what i asked, and she said, “Yes”.

We have been in negotiations for over a year. The CEO tapped her to keep it alive a few months ago after he wasn’t able to personally continue with it.

Just from our conversations (which i hadn’t realized were impactful to her), she was influenced to change some key behaviors. And her changes have been incredibly beneficial to her relationships with the eight member executive council, including her CEO.

Insight: You never know the power of a positive ripple effect.




This website is about our career health. To leave this site to read today’s post on my home health website, click here.

Could This Change Your Life?

The executive coach is only charging me a buck per session

orlando inspirational Disney speaker
Yesterday’s first coaching session was at the Nature preserve.


The executive coach is only charging me one dollar per session. He’s pursing an advanced, executive coaching certification. One requirement is to have five paying clients.

We already have an incredibly trusting relationship because we’ve worked together at Disney Institute. We are both out on our own now.

i’m receiving this coaching with the sole motive being to help him.

But we all know that in the giving we receive.

Yesterday’s first session allowed something i was hanging onto to melt away. Just in time for the call with Anitra.

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Professionally Speaking

Literally every CEO is too busy to worry about their culture

Disney Customer Service Keynote Speakers


(photo: Most people don’t realize how difficult it is to speak on camera until they are asked to. Same with creating a world class culture. And no one actually asks you to because they assume you are already working on your culture.)

Most executives are stuck. And you might be one of them.

This is long so if you’re not a meeting planner or executive looking for a breakthrough keynote speaker, save your time and move on. And just to be clear about breakthrough, the platform and messages have been honed from 30 years at Disney.


With your leaders? Your employees? With customer satisfaction? With profits? With your ability to continuously improve, at everything?

Are you serious about world class business excellence?

What if you could partner with a leader who is hellbent on helping you and your organization put a dent in your Universe?

For starters, to help you…

Live like you mean it.
Lead like you mean it.
Serve like you mean it.

To challenge you to choose between a life of seeing profit as the goal or seeing profit as the reward.

Remarkable keynote speakers, the ones that challenge everything and compel you to rethink the five keys to competitive immunity, well, yeah, we need more of them.

A new one just entered the marketplace….

The perfect keynote compels people to be brave enough to burn their ships..

If not now, when? If not ever, why?

407-538-4341 |

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Professionally Speaking

From the Boardroom to the bathroom

Microsoft store on a busy Sunday


Apple store on a busy day


(photo: Taken minutes apart at Central Florida Mall… one is on fire with anticipation… one is practically deserted. Why?)

From the boardroom to the bathroom.

From CEO’s to Custodial staff.

They have a job to do.

It would seem to the outsider their job might sound like this:

  • The deepest thinker in the room?
  • At all times?
  • Seriously, is their job to rattle the cage?
  • If people walk out of the room thinking the same way they walked in, did we need to have the meeting?

All of the above.

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