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From the Boardroom to the bathroom

Microsoft store on a busy Sunday


Apple store on a busy day


(photo: Taken minutes apart at Central Florida Mall… one is on fire with anticipation… one is practically deserted. Why?)

From the boardroom to the bathroom.

From CEO’s to Custodial staff.

They have a job to do.

It would seem to the outsider their job might sound like this:

  • The deepest thinker in the room?
  • At all times?
  • Seriously, is their job to rattle the cage?
  • If people walk out of the room thinking the same way they walked in, did we need to have the meeting?

All of the above.

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Disney Institute Is Traveling Near You

Disney Institute Is Traveling Near You.  Most likely, anywhere from next week to the next several months.

In tough economic times, the race is won by those who do more and do better, than their competition.

Same in sports, life, real estate, you name it.  Whether you’re for-profit or non-profit.  Doesn’t matter.

Here are two Internet articles describing, from the community’s perspective, what Disney Institute will offer their constituents:

  1. Executive Education Workshop Gives Inside Look at Inside Disney’s Magic
  2. Announces Disney Institute Track at the Employers of Excellence National Conference January 26-29, 2009

Here’s an excerpt from the first article (in case you don’t have time to read it):

“The Disney Keys to Excellence Program is:
•    Relevant: Impacts critical drivers of success in a slow economy
•    Affordable: Priced to serve more people under limited budgets
•    Actionable: Easy to implement upon return to the office
•    Inspirational: Generates team excitement and momentum
•    Short: Takes only one day away from the office
•    Local: no travel expenses”

There, that about sums it up.  Turbulent times require people to be even more decisive, I think, than in times of prosperity.

Bottom line, it comes down to a leadership mindset to excellence.  Always has, always will.  Carpe diem,  jungle jeff 🙂