Disney’s Four key drivers for exceeding Guest expectations

                No matter who you are, where you work, or what you do, customers worldwide have the same expectations: Make me feel special – go the extra inch for me to exceed my expectations in surprising and delightful ways Give me individualized attention – treat every Customer like […]

Leadership accountability works best with perfect clarity

    What the Senior Executive saw as being rigid and inflexible, i saw as clarity. Funny how the same thing can be seen paradoxically opposed. One of the four world-class leadership basics is accountability. Accountability works best with perfect clarity. Less than perfect clarity brings less than perfect results. Either way, a culture is […]

The harsh reality for people who dislike demanding bosses

  There’s a harsh reality for people who dislike demanding bosses. The demanding boss doesn’t like being demanding. If accountability is clear, then results should follow. When results don’t follow the boss has to do something to ensure the results happen. That plan b that the boss has to go to is often perceived as […]