i am not the only expert in the room

Creative facilitation techniques
One of many classroom activities that reduces the “speaker-to-listener” ratio.


i am not the only expert in the room.

But i am the only Disney expert in the room.

Have you had the good fortune to be at a conference where there’s an astonishing ripple-effect buzz from one of the presentations?

What allows that to happen?

My job is to keep the audience – no matter the size or demographic – so engaged, they never have a chance to be bored, distracted, or disengaged.

My job is to have everyone walking out of the room .thinking . differently than they did when they entered.

May i be so bold as to say that expertise goes beyond content? Expertise in this arena is rare – the expertise to involve all the other experts in the room.




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What I Was Saying Yesterday Without Actually Saying It Was…

Regret-Free Living. Aka balance.

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Here’s What We Also Talked About

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Pros and cons of lists.

We didn’t get far because we quickly moved to content.

My friend suggested, in his opinion, my blog posts don’t exactly end with a finishing point.

For example, my friend said, “You don’t tell people what they should do”.

And I thought, “Perfect”!

It’s called facilitation.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂