#Faith It’s called the mystery of Faith for a reason. None of it can be proven, except the part where it works for people who believe in it. So yeah, totally mystery.   __________   On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to […]

Leader Top Priorities?

Leadership priorities.  Probably the single most important “to do” on a great leader’s list.  Right? At the top for me is a compelling vision.  Then acting with integrity. And thirdly, building trust. But these aren’t the priorities I’m talking about. I’m referring to personal, moral priorities. A few months ago, I had the privilege to […]

Four Tips to Be World Class

How does a person or an organization become world class, and stay world class? Here are four tips to do just that.  First, however we need to state the obvious: It’s a double edge sword isn’t it?  If consistency is the hallmark or quality, and continuous improvement is the key to becoming (and sustaining) world […]

jungle jeff And Fear

jungle jeff and fear are familiar with each other.  Have been for a long time.  Fear is all around us, isn’t it? “Good men have the fewest fears”.   — Christian Nestell Bovee A few years ago it hit me, I have the Faith of Mount Everest – you know, the tallest peak on earth. […]