When impossible meets drive and vision

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Yesterday. Karma? By the way, “JJ” stands for Jungle Jeff.



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Yesterday. More Karma? Received Lee Cockerell’s weekly email update with a link to John’s new site.



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When impossible meets drive and vision, Magic happens.

John Faurote contacted me via a LinkedIn message a couple years ago.

He basically said, “I don’t know how I can help you but I would like to be part of what you are doing.”

From the start i told him to create a business whereby he could offer people like me a structured process for speaking engagements.

I didn’t want him to build it for me because life is unpredictable.

I insisted he think long-term and BIG.

If he and i ever parted ways, for any reason, he would have and own an incredible asset that did not depend on my business (or anyone’s).

Man, did he ever exceed my expectations.

Looking forward to his proposals.


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