The great Summer of 2012

The first rule in how to build something epic

swimming pool technology
we’ll be able to operate whatever this is…from our iPhones

The first rule in how to build something epic? It’s so simple it avoids us. And we let it race by because we want to avoid it. We are afraid of success. Sounds crazy. Right. We fear failure, but success?

Yes, to be an artist, it must be differently (or better) (I’ll stick with different) than everyone else. Who wants another homogenized version of plain vanilla? People love different. So do I. So do you. Go!

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PS. You know I must say these things to encourage you to be who you are meant to be. Right?

Could This Change Your Life?

The Fear Of Success?

It’s like poison, or a deadly odorless, smokeless, tasteless gas.

The fear of success. Sounds crazy, but what if you become famous? Do you have a plan?

Tiger Woods told me he was tired of being famous since day one.

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