It’s who you know

  Make feedback normal. Not a performance review.  – Ed Batista   There are enough unscrupulous people to influence the negative stereotypes of vacation home renters. What might have been a drawn-out hassle of proving extenuating circumstances, wasn’t. Char didn’t flinch in immediately refunding my paid-in-full reservation. For the past year, i’ve communicated with her […]

Funny how a kind word has the power to motivate

  Funny how a kind word has the power to motivate. The 61-year old Gold’s Gym personal trainer (Charles) came over and shared just one small piece of positive feedback. It was so insignificant small, yet so powerfully motivating. There is no greater wisdom than kindness. Say nice things to people. They rarely hear nice things […]

Lots of eyes on professional speakers, and copious opportunity for feedback

  It’s remarkable how much we crave (and probably expect) feedback from others, especially those we work with. If we did an inventory of how often we initiate and share the same with those we expect it from, who’s leading the way? Us, or others? Better be us, no? It’s lonely isn’t it? Do it […]