Succeed financially, please

Small business owner jeff noel
Small businesses are a fabric of every society. It feeds our economy and it feeds our families.

As a business owner, and an unemployed business owner at that, it’s easy to see why the Country needs to succeed financially.

Business success drives food on our tables, gas in our tanks, rent getting paid, insurance and medicine being purchased, utilities being paid, and so on.

At the most fundamental level, success for business owners means success for employees, and success for employees means success for families.

To think that the stock market doing well is somehow evil is to say that families doing well is evil.

How can either conversation not be inextricably linked to the other?

Lots of talk as if business success is the wrong focus.

Business success begets family success.

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The way we’ve lived and earned is going to become obsolete

iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus size comparison


(photo: the iPhone 5s (far right) used to be the worlds coolest phone, now it has two new models to expedite it’s obsolescence)

Meeting with the Certified Financial planner tomorrow morning.

Hoping to eliminate any apprehension about moving forward boldly.

The way we’ve lived and earned is going to become obsolete.

Hard to see in the moment, but not for the visionary.

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Motivation Is Like A Meal

Motivation is like a meal.  Seriously.  But we all forget.

Should an Annual Conference’s motivational effects last all year?

Should monthly meetings keep teams inspired all month?

Weekly meetings?  Will the excitement last all week?

Daily meetings?  All day?

After breakfast, most humans are ready to be nourished again at lunch. Even after two decent meals, most are ready for a third meal in the evening.

We even throw in snacks to help sustain us. Why?

Because motivation, inspiration and excitement begin to subside within hours, just like meals.

Do you have any idea what this means to you and me as effective leaders?

Wonder if Walt Disney Ever…

Wonder if Walt Disney ever jogged?  Or ever went to the gym?  Or swam, walked or biked with any regularity?

I have never read anything that suggests Walt Disney was physically active.

This is one dimension where Walt Disney and jeff noel differ.

Yesterday, to celebrate turning 50, I ran the annual Watermelon 5k, in Winter Park.  There had to be close to 1,500 to 2,000 runners and walkers there.

The American Council of the Blind (ACB) had their annual convention in Orlando and its members participated! For the first time ever the ACB used a fun run/walk to raise funds and encourage their members to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle.

Embrace an active and healthy lifestyle? Hmm….That’s one of the common sense things that everyone can embrace.

Here’s to your health:

Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂