Dear Son, every job you ever do will have two components

Disney's Grand Californian Resort Guest laundry
One of the simplest decisions all week.


Disney's Grand Californian Resort Guest laundry
Do the mundane with joy and gratitude


Be positive and find joy and gratitude in the ‘have-to-do’ parts of your job.


Because all ‘get-to-do’ parts come with a price.

Be willing to pay it or do something else.

And know the grass ain’t always greener on the other side.

This isn’t rocket surgery.

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Becoming Fit Is One of The Best Investments And Greatest Examples A Person Can Do To Demonstrate Leadership

jeff noel preaches common sense, the same common sense that JFK preached, remember him?

Becoming fit is one of the best investments and greatest examples a person can do to demonstrate leadership. jeff noel has been preaching this since 8th grade when he wanted to become a gym teacher. Noel eventually attended college and studied to become a Health & Physical Education teacher. Midway through college, he creatively modified his degree to Corporate Recreation and Fitness. Same goal, different focus – the students are midlife adults.

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