Change your scripts and you change your results

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Often in business, our decision is driven by price.

Sometimes, like yesterday, the price i’ve come to expect wasn’t available.

Two choices.

Buy now at the higher price.

Wait and hope the price drops.

Here’s the catch.

Waiting may limit the flight choices and the price may increase even more.

It felt great to rewrite the old script that said, don’t pay the higher price.

The new script says, make a decision now and move on.

Unmade decisions pile up and overwhelm.

Decisiveness comes with a price – the speed of business, and sanity.

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Simple Tip for Big Picture Thinking

What inspires people to spend time on “big picture thinking“?  I mean, most leaders are insanely busy.  Who’s got time for it?  Seriously.  And yet we forget:

“Adversity doesn’t develop character, it reveals it”.

It’s incumbent on leaders to figure this out, isn’t it?  To find time for the inspiration to think big picture, and contemplate a better future.  These opportunities present themselves to us constantly and surround us everyday.  It could be as simple as spending a moment looking out a window on the descent of your flight.  For example:

Alaskan Glaciers from the Delta flight descending into Anchorage, Alaska yesterday.

Today is anther opportunity to be a great leader. Hope we are all up for the challenge.

Orlando’s jeff noel & Branding

Orlando’s jeff noel talks about Air Tran’s quest for excellence and domination in a tough business and even tougher economy.

Here’s jeff noel’s You Tube video from June 4, on a return trip from the University of Pittsburgh to Orlando.

Watch this You Tube video on Air Tran’s Branding to see what I’m talking about:

Every day is a great day to Brand Yourself. Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂