Palm trees, sunshine, and the leadership imperative

  One of the best sources, if not the best source, of vitamin D is sunshine. Florida is nicknamed “The Sunshine State”. There’s a reason we’ve lived here since 1984, the year after we married. Of course there were downsides from moving away from home. It’s nothing our ancestors hadn’t felt compelled to do throughout […]

1 Commonly Forgotten Business Tip

1 Commonly forgotten Business tip for personal and small business branding. This ain’t no shirt and tie message, ┬ájust common sense, following this morning’s run in the hot, heavy, humid Florida air: Scroll down for next post, or click here to go to next blog.

The Workday Begins the Night Before

Living in Central Florida, surrounded by Palm Trees and Sunshine is well, glorious. (That’s just wrong to write something like that in the middle of Winter, isn’t it?) Alright, let’s try this – living next to Walt Disney World, with all it’s Theme parks, luxurious Disney resorts, stunning landscape, friendly Cast Members, spectacular entertainment, and […]