Anyone Else Think Like This?

Are you a leader worth following?

Rental car at gas station with door open at pump


(photo: an open door means what?)

Are you a leader worth following?

When you leave to do something else, will some follow you or will there be a line of people volunteering to hold the door open for you?

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You’ll Never Succeed Doing This

It Could Happen
It Could Happen

You Never Succeed By Being A Follower.

There are probably exceptions to this rule, but let’s be real.  The exceptions are just that, exceptions.

Please don’t get me wrong, following is good. And safe. And mostly predictable.

And then there are the questions of when, where, what, how and why?

Whatever it is that is important, should be visualized and evaluated.

Then, there is that simple choice:  Follow or lead.

And in my case, this took a lifetime.