Why isn’t there Speaker footage of Disney Institute Speakers?


Have a look at Disney Institute’s You Tube channel and you’ll see right away there are no “Highlight reels” of individual Disney Institute Keynote Speakers.

It’s very intentional by the way.


Because Disney Institute (DI) is selling content, not speakers.

The speakers are simply the conduit for the main purchase – the world-famous business content.

i approach it the same way.

It’s also worth being cognizant of this – when you book DI, you get whatever speaker is most available.

This could be a newer person to Disney, a new person to speaking, or a retired person who speaks part-time.

When you hire me, you get a 30-year Disney Leadership veteran – including 15 years speaking full-time for DI.

i’m not even going to mention some of the remarkable Disney accolades i received in those 30 years. It would sound boastful.

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