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Disney Cast Member leadership messaging
Disney Cast Member leadership messaging.
Disney Cast Member leadership messaging
Leslie Ferraro is a Marketer at heart. She was co-in-charge of consumer products and interactive media. It didn’t work out. We didn’t need a co-chair.

To see the brave, look at those who can forgive.

Bhagavad Gita

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Leaders (including parents), be careful with your busy, demanding schedules

Funny Canadian Hockey tee shirt


(photo: a shirt like this means something to most Canadians. For non-Canadians not so much. Photo taken at Epcot’s Canada pavilion two days ago, July 8)

You should never get in trouble for making a mistake in trying to do the right thing.

Leaders (including parents), be careful with your busy, demanding schedules.

Life is hard.

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(how is that possible?)

Christmas day in front of the tree
Four-plus months later, he has yet to read the book (how is that possible?)


Imagine a great group of coaches. Coaches successful at helping others fix their work culture.

And then ask the coaches if they use the same principles they preach in their own internal work group.

Imagine the response.

The obvious answer is ‘yes, absolutely’. But imagine the obvious answer not being the answer.

Now imagine asking jeff noel if his son has read the book, Mid Life Celebration. It was released eight months ago.

The answer would appear to be obvious.

In both cases, what if the the answer included…

Nothing is as it appears to be. -Albert Einstein

In one case, the results are not intentional.

In the other, leadership is using patience as strength.

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We Are Not So Smart When We Know What Should Be Done, But Fail To Do It

Truly, we reap what we sow.

We aren’t so smart when we avoid doing what should be done. But we can learn to forgive ourselves. By midlife, we ought to be fairly well schooled on the power of forgiveness, right? What’s nearly unforgivable though, is our long term failure to learn from our mistakes. Make as many as you can, but learn. Always learn. Go.

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