The most inspiring video on YouTube makes a case that inspiration isn’t real

This was better than I expected, because it was funny (which I didn’t see coming), and not inspiring (which I also didn’t see coming. And then about halfway through, it actually did start to inspire me, which is why I watched it to begin with. And it remained unexpectedly funny throughout.     Next Blog

Day number seven on (Sanibel) Island time means only one thing

Day number seven on (Sanibel) Island time means only one thing. Deep relaxation. Something most business professionals find elusive year round. Here’s to all you hard working, amazingly focused, results-driven business leaders. A photo montage to pry your funny-bone open: Enjoy your day. Remember to come up for air. Next Blog

Being Brave Means You Should Feel Comfortable Writing Many Ideas On How To Be Brave, Knowing You Won’t Cover Them All

Being brave means putting yourself out there for the whole world to see, knowing full well there will be people who love you, those that don’t care about you, and those that despise you. Play to the first. Next Blog

Happy Birthday You Tube

You Tube.  You love to watch it. You Tube videos are funny, serious, wacky, sexy, vulgar, informative, personal, revealing, captivating. Google bought You Tube for $1.65 Billion. This, in less than five years. Crazy idea, that You Tube thing, all those five years ago. There will be another crazy thing.  One after the other.  The […]