Being Brave

Everyone is suspect, especially these people

business traveler set up for success in first class Delta seat
every picture tells a story, don’t it (Rod Stewart)


Everyone is suspect, especially these people:

  • outliers
  • freaks
  • wanna be game changers (who succeed)
  • antagonists
  • loners
  • cheerleaders
  • optimists
  • pessimists
  • hard workers
  • slackers
  • leaders
  • followers

And worst of all, the person with a dream so big, they are labeled crazy.

How cool is that?!

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Could This Change Your Life?

The most ridiculous question may be just the one that changes everything

Music moguls have been obsessed with how to get people to pay for music, and Amanda Palmer asks, “How do we let people pay?”



When I first began watching, there were several times I almost clicked away. The ending was a brilliant reward for investing my time. Maybe for you to.

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Am I The Only One?

Patiently Impatient

Sit Back & Relax Until It's Over?
Sit Back & Relax Until It's Over?

How’s your patience level these days?

Are you comfortable with the pace of positive change, positive progress?

I’m not.

Sometimes, I just want to shout, “Wake up!”

But now, more than ever, is a great time to play it safe, unless your name is Seth Godin or Hugh MacLeod.

Am I The Only One?

Had To Do It

Life Is Full Of Dragons To Overcome
Life Is Full Of Dragons To Overcome

Many of you are waiting for the economy to pick up, before you’re willing to work harder and more creatively than in your entire life. Meanwhile, you complain about your situation.

We’re human. These things happen. But why?

Work with me here. When I’m at the track doing speed work and it’s a windy day, I insist on running into the wind. My times will be slower which isn’t as motivating as seeing the wind-aided times.

When doing road work, every time there’s a hill, I run faster up the hill than down. At the gym, no runner works harder on their core than me.

Why? Because the long way is the short cut.

When race day comes, guess who’s the most prepared?