Culture, culture, culture, blah, blah, blah

Disney Customer Service Speakers
Moment in time…2013.


Without searching for this stuff, i (we all do) get exposed to it and often read the first bits to see if it excites me.

This culture article didn’t excite me, but it was intriguing so i read it all.

Throughout, to my trained ear, it sounded inflated.

Small business owners, especially those without a big name credibility anchor (like Disney, Apple, Google), must resort to wordsmithing messages that desperate C-Suite executives find alluring.

Kinda like the snake-oil salesman of the 1800’s.

i get it.

The world is a tough place to make a living.

And every “consulting” business that charges money to help organizations change their culture is vying for the CEO’s attention and a signed contract.

Make it sound amazing (and different from the others) or you don’t stand a chance.

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