Small bird and hawk confrontation
Wait for it. It’s about to go down.

In a phone call this morning, i blurted out that i offer speaking discounts for 100% prepay at contract signing and for volume purchases.

A few days ago this 20% prepay discount netted the client a $5,000 savings.

What’s untold (until now) is that they booked the speaking engagement less than 30 days out. Technically, 100% is due simply by default to my standard terms; 50% at signing, 50% 30 days out.

While i didn’t need to be generous, i wanted to be. So i was.

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He said, here, it’s yours

jungle jeff not far from where he started in 1982
jungle jeff not far from where he started in 1982 (photo: Nov. 17, 2013) (last night)


The tie was a gift from a colleague many years ago. All that was said was, “Really like your tie”. He said, here, it’s yours.

He must have felt like a million bucks in his insanely giving moment.

Like the feeling in photographs we see of extraordinarily grateful people.

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