Henry David Thoreau quote
Perhaps the granddaddy grandparent of all motivational quotes.

If you choose a job that you like, you will never have to work a day in your life.


In work, do what you enjoy.


At work, make sure your get-to-do’s have at least 51% controlling interest over your have-to-do’s.


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Who Has The Coolest Job?

Does Your Job Give You Butterflies?
Does Your Job Give You Butterflies?

Yesterday, asking, “Does the thought of heading into your day today give you butterflies?”, it created a reflective moment.

And perhaps it’s one of those elusive gifts we can not catch or we unconsciously avoid.

If you were in a crowd and someone asked, “Who here has the coolest job in the world?“, would you raise your hand?

PS. Easiest and coolest are usually diametrically opposed.

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