Giving back generously without expectation is fairly rare

Orange County Public Hearing
i was the second one in the room after our Headmaster.


Gave back (donated nearly two hours) to a Disney leader in the morning, offering advice and answering questions.

Invested four hours in supporting our High School’s efforts to secure the zoning variances needed to build a Visual and Performing Arts building that will then allow a partnership with Julliard.

Did i have the time to do these things?

Technically, no.

Two big deadlines are at risk.

And so it goes, one crazy day after another.




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He said, here, it’s yours

jungle jeff not far from where he started in 1982
jungle jeff not far from where he started in 1982 (photo: Nov. 17, 2013) (last night)


The tie was a gift from a colleague many years ago. All that was said was, “Really like your tie”. He said, here, it’s yours.

He must have felt like a million bucks in his insanely giving moment.

Like the feeling in photographs we see of extraordinarily grateful people.

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