Been Tested For This Virus Yet?

Yesterday I referenced an (obscene) infectious virus that is plaguing the world, the corporate world especially. It’s insidious and devastating. My guess right now, at this very moment, you’re confused and wondering what I’m talking about. That’s fair. And perfect. It’s the perfect storm, isn’t it? This pervasive lack of recognition amongst people everywhere. The […]

You Know What He Told Me?

Ever ask a nine-year old for business advice?  I did recently. Pondering the pros and cons of going solo versus partnering, on a special project.  So, just for kicks, I asked my son (9). He said, “Two heads are better than one”. For the next few minutes, my son and I waited for our friend […]

jungle jeff MBA

jungle jeff MBA.  Who woulda thought, after all these years, I’d be returning to school to get an MBA? Why do people return to school after decades of real-world leadership experience?  Many reasons to be sure. The main reason is the pursuit of a better way of life.  Can you imagine, “Nope, heading back to […]

Money, Money, Money….Money

“Money, Money, Money….Money“.  The O’Jays, 1974, For The Love of Money. I want to make a ton of money.  Seriously.  Enough to buy whatever I want. First on my list: A Cure for Crohn’s disease To take action, – to “put my money where my mouth is” – I’ve returned to school to earn my […]

How Important Is Money To You?

Money.  Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.  Money has always been my biggest stressor. Eventually, I learned a very simple and very profound rule.  It is the first rule that should be learned. Spend less than you earn What made this most basic of rules so elusive for me, is that I did […]