Emotion Trumps Everything

Is profit the reward or the goal?

Sanibel Island gift shop sign
Never saw a Sanibel Island gift shop sign quite like this one.


Sanibel Island gift shop item
Will senior management learn to cup possibility in their hands?


The senior management team met yesterday morning to present their compelling recommendations to their Board.

One of those recommendations is to hire me to help them:

  • Transform their culture
  • Move from good to great
  • Develop competitive immunity
  • Create a culture by design from a culture by default
  • Build something every employee wants to protect

At this point it is out of my hands, like an injured athlete with timing not in her favor, and so i wait.

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Anyone Else Think Like This?

This is a tough pill to swallow

Patty Smyth CD 1992
Yesterday while writing, between Buffett and Springsteen…Patty Smyth.


How many of us when we were young would settle for what we have now?

Career success and career happiness are often mutually exclusive.

It’s just so easy to play it safe.

So we do.

And we settle.

For safety.

Safety doesn’t deliver success or happiness.

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Being Brave

Don’t set your goals any lower than this

Masters Track and Field business card
jeff noel’s second business card was also hand drawn.


Impossible is the only thing that has enough power to stir our soul.

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Freaks unite

Business trifecta at Authority Rainmaker

Ellie Caulkins Opera House, Denver
Ellie Caulkins Opera House, Denver, yesterday.


Business trifecta at Authority Rainmaker.

  1. Amazing speakers.
  2. Amazing event/venue.
  3. Amazing attendees.

It was the last one that was an aha moment though.

The crowd.

The other busy, ambitious people.

Those people.

They were beyond amazing.

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Could This Change Your Life?

What’s career impossible rarely is

Disney Management Consultant Speakers


What’s career impossible rarely is.

Want to shed the corporate grind and carve out an entrepreneurial lifestyle?

Do it.

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