You’re a good person is the good news (it’s also the bad news)

The good news is you’re a good person. Wait, there’s some bad news too. The bad news is you’re a good person. Good is the enemy of great. Great gets us closer to thriving – personal vibrancy. Good gets us closer to mediocrity – personal surviving. Learn, unlearn, relearn. This is great. Watch the Blockchain […]

Christmas Gift for You

Do you celebrate anything this time of year? Some do and some don’t. No worries. Today’s post is the conclusion from yesterday’s promise to reveal an important truth. Discovering it is like receiving a very special gift. Spirituality is simply one of many diversity layers we should all respect, appreciate, value and encourage. One Christmas […]

Number One Thing to Do

First of all, thanks for coming back. Can you believe today is Christmas eve? Do you already now what I’m going to say? It’s simple. Deceptively simple. The number one thing to do is to create a compelling vision.  Period. Compelling. Not long winded. Not fancy. No big words. It must also be impossible.  And […]

Epiphany For Culture

Driving to Church last Sunday, it hit me. An epiphany. Not a Christian epiphany, a corporate epiphany. Do you ever wonder why some succeed and some don’t? Or wonder why some achieve excellence and others remain behind, being good or very good? The secret?  It’s so simple that most of us, myself included, bypass it […]