What if most think leadership is just paying lip service?

Kindle book excerpt from Spotting the Sacred


(photo: Excerpt from Spotting the Sacred, a forgotten Kindle download from long ago… began reading on flight yesterday)

When we hold on to cultural norms, what are we really holding on to?

Tradition? Values?

Comfort? Consistency?

A recent blog post from a famous company suggests we be bold.

Bold can get you in trouble.

It can also change things.


And bold can become a competitive advantage.

For example, bold can be retiring early and launching something the world needs but has given up on.

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Great leaders don’t

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How do you feel when your boss calls you and says, “Can you come see me in my office?”


Great leaders tend to do things that matter. Good leaders don’t.

Trouble is, much of what matters can’t be measured and much of what can be measured doesn’t matter – not in the hearts of those we lead anyway.

Employees are starving to know their leadership team thinks the world of them.

Good leaders assume they know. Great leaders don’t.

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The untold difference between a good leader and a great leader…

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(photo: Google Images. Notice the three words in gold?))

The untold difference between a great leader and a good leader…

Teaching versus telling.

There are a million ways to teach or tell.

Great leaders teach.

And because they teach, their workload should be more about inspiration than perspiration.

It’s the difference between leading and managing.

The difference is commitment versus compliance.

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