The things we need to say goodbye to

American Idol sign at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Be careful what we wish for (note to self)


Take ownership of our career.

We know this.

And learn to let go of the things that negatively creep into our personal space.

It’s toxic.


The things we need to say goodbye to dramatically increase our odds of achieving more.

Letting go propels us forward.

But be forewarned…

Don’t let your blind ambition erase your intuition.

It’s tough being ambitious in an overly competitive world.

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What Do These Have In Common?

What do these have in common:

  • Bill Clinton
  • Prime Time TV
  • Jesse Jackson
  • Tabloids
  • Government
  • Newspapers
  • Internet sites
  • Social Media

The list goes on and on.  All of these have pushed society’s buttons on what is acceptable.

Sex, Racism, Prejudice, Greed, Corruption, Religion, Politics, Crudeness, Aggression, Violence.

All of these things or people have pushed the limits of acceptable boundaries.  But it’s Social Media that intrigues me the most.  Why?

  • Because of it’s power to change things
  • Because of it’s ease of use
  • Because of it’s reach
  • Because it’s use is growing exponentially

Except in the corporate landscape.  People who lead big corporations are usually older, and stereotypically, unaware (and maybe intimidated) of emerging social media trends and possibilities.

Where do you fall in this mix?  And, more importantly, what do you plan to do?