Know and understand in Disney-speak

Yesterday in LinkedIn.

Know and understand in Disney-speak.

Demographics and psychographics.

This is the Disney Way we use to explain going “above and beyond”.

It’s how the Disney Compass came into being as a way to visually explain to outsiders how we think.

Son, lean on needs, wants, stereotypes (+ and -), and emotions (+ and -). You know this inside and out. Use the compass to be a more compassionate, productive, loving, and efficient person.

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jeff noel Has Studied Disney’s Ability To Enchant Their Guests In A Totally Immersive Experience

We went to Japan without ever going to an airport

One of the coolest things about Disney is their ability to enchant their Guests in a totally immersive experience. Our son loves Japanese Anime, Manga and Pokemon. And when we take the short drive to Epcot, he gets transported there immediately. He can buy things there that are not for sale anywhere else in the United States. He thinks that’s cool.

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Steve Harrison Book Publishing Tips

Got A Rainy Day Plan?
Got A Rainy Day Plan?

Steve Harrison helps get people media exposure, so they can land a book publishing deal.

This video is 14 minutes long. I do not recommend it if you have no desire to ever write a book.

But if you do want to publish a book, I’d watch it. Steve Harrison’s video helped me, and you know how much stuff I get exposed to (and I don’t recommend 90% of it).

I’m recommending this.

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