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What is the harsh reality of enjoying a productive summer at work?

Walt Disney Legacy Award coffee mug
Walt Disney Legacy Award coffee mug


What is the harsh reality of enjoying a productive summer at work?

What we put up with, we end up with.

What we accept by default becomes our standard.

This is the harsh reality in our careers. What if we would have started 100 days ago and read one business book every month, and read Seth Godin’s daily blog on top of that?

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Could This Change Your Life?

Leaders must develop the ability to master these five unconventional tactics

abe lincoln
whatever you are, be a good one – abe lincoln


We must demonstrate mastery of these five unconventional tactics before we graduate from manager to leader:

1. discern the most important point of every critical theory
2. be world class at focus and discipline
3. paint a clear, concise, and compelling picture of the future
4. demonstrate (invisibly) world class habits that deliver world class results
5. be the model for work life balance and wellness

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So What?

The superlative definition of corporate culture

Georgia Interstate billboard.. returning to Orlando from Scout summer camp… Ask Jeff?

interstate billboards

The superlative definition of corporate culture? Culture is what people think and do… without thinking. Spent 12 hours in the classroom yesterday preparing, teaching, and cleaning up. The photo’s from a few days ago.

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Insight: What did you do yesterday that was hard? And glorious? And you look forward to doing more of tomorrow?

Professionally Speaking

All Day, Every Day

Beaumont, Texas this week. Next week, Disney World.
Spent the day "here" yesterday, doing work that mattered.

As a professional speaker, it’s my job to deliver excellence all day, every day.

I’ll even be so bold as to say it’s everyone’s job, no matter their occupation, to do the exact same.

The bad news is this is hard to achieve. The good news is the more you do it, the better you get. Go!

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Common Sense, Not Common

You’re Kidding, Right?

Fuel is easy to spot when we're hungry, but what about when we're not motivated?

I’m not kidding. The way to stay motivated is to force yourself to gather enough fuel to sustain you until you need to add fuel again. Such a simple concept. For example, we eat breakfast and a few hours later we need to eat again. Motivation is no different.

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