Determination. Perseverance. Dreams. Everybody talks about how important perseverance is.  It’s no secret that without big dreams, determination, and steady, committed effort, leaders are doomed to mediocrity. But when was the last time you told the story of your own success through perseverance? And how about the time before that? And the one before that one? […]

Wishing You The Best

It is helpful to remember the big picture, isn’t it? Do you have creative and effective ways to remember the big picture?  I mean everyday. Do you? Currently, writing five daily blogs has helped me make a dramatic leap in the way I perceive excellence and act on excellence. The dramatic leap didn’t happen a […]

jungle jeff in Finland?

jungle jeff in Finland? Yes.  Was a zombie yesterday.  Severe jet lag.  Woke at 5AM here, with eight hours of fresh sleep.  I’m very consciously ignoring the fact that it’s 10PM Disney World time.  🙂 Ever notice how I always, without exception, use lower case letters in my name? Initially, most think it’s simply a […]