i will let the words come to me without worrying

Florida Prep School Lobby
Virtue. Honesty. Integrity. Build your reputation on rock.


i will let the words come to me without worrying.

When you live a life that centers on Jesus, you are both defendant and prosecutor.

Because humans are perfectly imperfect, most Christians appear as hypocrites.

Humans are driven to survive, yet some break free from the chains of temptation, addiction, and lies that often get justified in order to “survive”.

These daring souls live for truth, and nothing will stop them from attaining their goal.

They will falter, but they will also transform.

David versus Goliath.

Rely on others to inspire you, or inspire yourself.

It’s you against your world. It’s me against mine.

All i have today is a sling and a stone (and an iPhone).




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