Your attitude about your boss and coworkers is predictable

Florida alligator in retention pond
Almost invisible, the 10-foot gator is even less perceptible when swimming. Train your eye and heart to see things you normally wouldn’t. If you’re not a Tom Brady fan what’s your honest answer for why? PS. Football is not even remotely important to me, but i respect long-term excellence.


Your attitude about your boss and coworkers is predictable, in my opinion.

Three days from now, the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles compete in Super Bowl 52.

If you plan to watch the Super Bowl hoping the Patriots and Tom Brady lose, your mindset is poisoned.

Rather than see a dominant team (or player) do something extraordinary, you are instead sending a message to yourself that greatness is bad, especially when it happens to others and not you.

This poisons your work ethic and severely limits your ability to excel at work.

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Houston we have a (money) problem

Cheeburger Cheeburger mug


(photo: Last night at dinner a block from hotel. Big is better? Portion size? Paycheck size?)

Houston, we have a problem because the ladder we are climbing is leaning against the wrong wall.

The reason we begin the corporate climb is because we liked the way we thought we’d feel when we’d have a higher position and therefore greater respect and admiration from others.

How’s that dream working out?

The higher we go, the farther we get from using our first love, our wheelhouse…

They are the rare exception: The people who go on to become incredibly great leaders.

We may know a handful, or less, personally.

Never underestimate the power of joy, versus the drive for status and comfort.

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Eliminate vacation

Welcome to Spring Grove, PA sign


(photo: How many people in how many towns… hate their job)

What if instead of dreaming about our next vacation, we lived in such a way that there was nothing to escape from?

Most people secretly hate their jobs.

Most, not all.

But still, most.

Live like you mean it.

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Update: jeff noel Doesn’t Hate The Travel, He Hates What Every Business Traveler Hates

Hey, wait up…

Dear Son, like a freight train, it hit me recently. I don’t hate traveling. In fact, I love to travel. I simply dislike what every business traveler has always disliked. Being gone.

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Exploiting Chaos!

Walking through an airport this week, a book title caught my eye, “Exploiting Chaos“.

Why?  If I have to explain this to you, you most likely won’t understand. But, because I’m a sucker for people who want to understand and continuously improve, I’ll give it a brief try here.

Chaos is a paradox.  We can (and probably do) hate chaos.  Or, we can (and probably don’t) love chaos.

Hate it for all of the societal norm reasons most hate chaos.

Love it for all the opportunity it brings.  Yes, opportunity.  So once again, if I have to explain this to you, you won’t understand.  But if I were you, I’d quickly try to figure it out, or get left behind.