How is this possible?

No school on Friday, March 13, so we decided to have dinner at Epcot’s Katsura Grill. The annual International Flower and Garden Festival had recently begun and we enjoyed the walk back to the parking lot.

At a red light near Disney’s Old Key West Vacation Club – the Disney van in front of us, an aha moment. In the hundreds of times we’ve driven past Disney Golden Oak entrance, never noticed the hidden Mickey, which is obvious now.


Disney Executive Keynote Speakers


Disney Executive Keynote Speakers


Disney Executive Keynote Speakers


Disney Executive Keynote Speakers



What is also becoming obvious is that Mid Life Celebration’s unforeseen, yet temporary, transition to Disney Keynote speeches is taking off.

Signed the second Disney Leadership Keynote speaking contract yesterday and hours later, a new referral came in for a speaking engagement in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The long way is the shortcut.

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Weird how this makes so many smile

hidden Mickey Mouse


(photo: Last night at dinner, improvised to make a non-Disney diner smile.)

Is personal culture what we think and do, without thinking?

Crazy how something so simple creates so many smiles.

Sixteen days away from seeing Mickey Mouse from the other side.

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There’s Almost Always A Message In Each Photo’s Caption

Life's most important messages leave clues and hidden meanings everywhere.

If you’re anything like me (and we’re all the same), you find it challenging to do all the work you’re supposed to do, especially in the continuous improvement department.

Interesting though, continuously improving is the DNA of the company I’ve worked with for 29 years. It’s what I think and do, without thinking. So there’s almost always an important message in the blog photo captions….

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